#9: Female judges in Egypt, death metal eco-baron, rehabilitation through dogs

In this episode, we’re talking about the first female judges in Egypt’s State Council, an Irish baron who rewilds his estate, and a dog rehabilitation program in California providing prisoners with hope, love and reduced sentences.

Correction: One headline reported in the show is not quite correct. Instead of „Egypt swears in first female judges to judicial body“ it should say „Egypt swears in first female judges to State Council“.

Stories discussed

Egypt swears in first female judges to State Council, AP News

Lord of the plants: Irish baron ‚rewilds‘ estate in the name of environmentalism, Euronews

London pub accepts old iPhones and other unwanted tech as payment, Euronews

Rescued dogs help rescue incarcerated people from life sentences, Reasons to be Cheerful

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Hosted by Ed Crasnick and Jonathan Widder; edited by Nina Bohlmann.

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