#33: Why toilets are a key to progress

When thinking about global development, toilets are not the first thing that comes to mind. But facilitating access to toilets for everyone has surprising benefits for health, nutrition, safety, education and the economy. In this episode, Sarika Saluja, General Manager of the World Toilet Organisation, explains why universal access to toilets is more important than we’d think, why even governments are not sufficiently aware of that and how the situation has been improving over the last years.

Hosted by Ed Crasnick and Jonathan Widder; edited by Mathias Warzecha

(00:4:17) – Introduction of Sarika

(00:5:00) – Whats the World Toilet Organisation and what do they do?

(00:7:52) – Wow do we get a different view about this issue?

(00:10:20) – Why is the design of Toilettes different all around the world?

(00:11:55) – Why is access to toiletts more important than medicine?

(00:13:52) – Are governments aware about this important problems?

(00:15:12) – Whats the 6 sustainable development goals?

(00:16:10) – Why do people, especially women, in developing countries stop eating and drinking in the evening?

(00:18:32) – What leads to sanitation issues?

(00:21:43) – India has made significant progress in recent years by constructing over 111 million toilets?

(00:23:08) – The program in India is the biggest program by a government in the world?

(00:24:08) – How do job opportunities in India increase due to toilets?

(00:25:50) – What is the World Toilette Colleague?

(00:29:08) – When do you think everyone in the World will have access to a toilette?

Stories discussed

Half of India couldn’t access a toilet 5 years ago. Modi built 110M latrines – but will people use them? CNN

World Toilet Organisation Website

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