#3: Special – Prison reform and the Compassion Prison Project

In our first special episode, we’re presenting amazing approaches like a prison model without wardens and guns in Brazil, and we’re talking to Fritzi Horstman, the founder of the Compassion Prison Project.

Further stories mentioned

Brazil’s jails reduce recidivism rates without wardens and guns, DW

Reducing incarceration decreases number of violent crimes in the US, Reasons To Be Cheerful

Prison with no fence helps women readjust to life in the community before their release, Charlotte Observer

Fitness entrepreneurship course offers a second chance to the formerly incarcerated, Next City

Two prisoners care for fellow inmates with mental illnesses in pioneering US initiative, The Christian Science Monitor

Former inmates partially run probation system in US, BBC

Prisoners are becoming lawyers in the US, Reasons To Be Cheerful

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Hosted by Ed Crasnick and Jonathan Widder; edited by Nina Bohlmann.

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